Blue Sky Chinese School

Chinese Language and Culture Classes and Winter and Summer Camp located in Northridge, California
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18901 Ballinger ST
Northridge, CA 91324

TEL:(818)349-8883 (818)671-9465 


          们好! 欢迎大家来到蓝天中文学校!

大家知道中文是联合国使用的五大国际语言之 一,也是世界上使用人口最多的语言。学习中文已经 成为世界性趋势,美国政府也把中文列为战略性语言 而在全国倡导学习,我们感激各位家长为您孩子的未 来做出的明智选择,也很高兴孩子们为自己未来前程 所做出的努力。
          众所周知学好语言不是一朝一夕之事,它  要我们持之以恒、坚持不懈的学习 。也需要老师、 家长和学生的精诚合作和共同努力。
我们相信在大家的共同努力下,学生们的中文 学习一定会取得满意的进步,我们蓝天中文学 校也会越办越好。

A Word of Welcome

  Dear Parents and Students: 

                Welcome to Blue sky Chinese school!

      Through your support, Blue Sky Chinese School will now officially be in session. 

       We are
honored at the opportunity to
Chinese language and culture to our young students. We hope your continued support will allow them to grow into knowledgeable and culturally aware individuals.

Chinese language is known as one of the "five major international languages" and is also one of the world's most spoken languages. Learning Chinese has become a worldwide trend, as the U.S.government have been encouraging the learning of Chinese in the United States.Parents : you have made a wise choice in allowing your child to learn such a widely used and acknowledged language. Students: you have taken an important step in your future success.  

We know that learning a language other than your native tongue is no overnight feat. It requires perseverance and persistence. It requires the sincere cooperation of the teachers, parents, and students. 

With everyone’s combined effort, we 
are sure to have a smooth and successful school year!